Monday, March 8, 2010

Old Man: Thrift Store Shopping pt. 4 Redux

The blog has had some pretty popular and/or controversial posts lately. I think I'd rather go back to the old days with 100 visits and 2 comments a day. 20+ comment posts are a little much for me. So in the spirit of the "good old days" (and the spirit of fast approaching summer) I'm taking a page from ADG and pulling out a very old post. This shows probably my greatest run of thrift store finds in a while. Enjoy. The pictures should be in focus...

I should be put in blogger jail for not updating in so long with no warning. I was in Charleston over the weekend with my wife and my parents. I hit up the trad stores (Ben Silver and Dumas), but didn't buy anything (the saleslady in BS was pretty darn rude to my wife and me), but I found some great stuff in a local thrift store.

Two shirts (one Gant and one J. Crew) - out of picture and in the wash

AE Leeds

BB 3/2 tan seersucker sack suit (too many adjectives)

Then today I stopped by a local thrift store on a whim and found more great stuff.

Corbin 3/2 (mis-pressed into a 3 btn) sack suit

Seven cotton madras ties

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