Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Young Man: Music

It's been a while since I threw up a music post. I've still been getting new music, but mostly it's been new stuff by bands/artists that I've already heard of.

For example: Sam Amidon came out with an album in 2008 that I snagged a few weeks ago called "All is Well" and it totally blows his other album out of the water (even though "But This Chicken" was also amazing). His version of "O, Death" is beautiful and terrifying given the subject matter (and KKK association thanks to O Brother).

Deer Tick also came out with an LP ("More Fuel for the Fire") that has a serious country-rock (in a good way) vibe going. The iTunes review compared it to Gram Parsons and that is a great comparison. My dad is going to flip when he hears that slide guitar.

But the main reasons I'm making this post are two similarly named CD's.

The first one was provided by my sister: Dark Was the Night. It is a two-disc compilation (I only have the first one) of a bunch of awesome indie bands. Some YM/OM favorites include: Ben Gibbard, Bon Iver/Justin Vernon, Iron and Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Arcade Fire, Beirut, etc. Great stuff. The ten minute Sufjan cover of YM/OM absolute favorite Castanets' "You Are the Blood" is epic.

The other one is a small mystery to me. I found it on my computer, and I vaguely remember downloading it from NPR last year, when I got the new computer, but I can't remember what made me want to d/l it or anything. I asked my sister if she told me about it but she didn't really know what I was talking about. This album is "Dark Night of the Soul," a cd by Danger Mouse (of "Gray Album" and Gnarls Barkley fame) and Sparklehorse (yeah I had to look it up too). It isn't released because of some sort of legal dispute, but snag it here from NPR and be blown away. The first five songs on the album are strong as hell, with "Just War" and "Angel's Harp" topping it for me. My favorite moment on the album is the transition from the end of "Grim Augury" into the opening of "Dark Night of the Soul," and the latter just might be the best song on the album. Seriously, take a listen if you like my taste in music and you will love it.



EDIT: Apparently Sam Amidon just came out with a new album: I See the Sign
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