Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Young Man: Surcingle Belts

I’ve always loved surcingle belts in theory. I mean, what isn’t there to love? An extra bit of color pop in an outfit is a great thing. If you’ve followed the blog at all or even looked around, you’ll see that I value color a lot. Colorful shirts, ties, pocket squares, socks, shoes, even that damn green pen I always have around to grade with - ever wonder why it’s always visible?

But I’ve never gotten fully around to buying and wearing them. I only have one, in Clemson school colors (what else?). I bought it right before I put on the Peppino’s 20 (or 30 or....) and so was only able to wear it a few times before it became too small or I became too large. Well now with a little exercise and an obscene amount of water, I’ve apparently lost enough weight to fit into it again. So here it is, the first wearing after a year and a handful of months.

Notice the color coordination. White ps picks up the white in the shirt and tie. Blue resonates throughout the whole outfit: jacket, shirt, tie, shoes, belt. And that orange stripe around the waist just seals the deal for me. But I’m a Clemson fan so who knows.

Also note the dangerous - some would say foolish - combination of three different kinds of stripes. If only I had a block stripe pocket square.

I quite like it. However, I won’t be out buying up all the gross old surgingle belts I see at thrift stores, but I might wear this one more often.

Detail/shoe shot:

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