Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Old Man: History

I've never really explained the history of this blog very well. Those of you who were here a year and a half ago might remember that I had the blog set up and everything, but with no content, until Longwing told me to get cracking. Here is a little excerpt from an interview I did for an upcoming publication (more info when it comes out) about the history of this blog.

"I had the thought of making a blog for quite some time before I actually started it. I experimented with a few different names, including a JRR Tolkien reference, The Mathom House. It was where the Hobbits kept all their unwanted old junk. I felt like society nowadays thinks of traditional American clothing - tweed jackets and the like - as old junk. So my blog would be a place where I explored all the old junk I thought was cool. Unfortunately the name was already taken.

Somehow I came up with the idea to explore the different sides of me. My wife is always calling me an old man, even though technically at 22 I am a young man. I thought Young Man/Old Man would be a neat name, and that the blog might prove an interesting hobby. I had the blog made for a while but hadn't posted when Trad blogger Longwing prodded me to write something. So I did. I got some early support from heavyweights Longwing, Heavy Tweed Jacket, and Giuseppe at An Affordable Wardrobe, which helped me get off the ground. I think my first post was in February of 2009, so I just recently celebrated the one-year anniversary. It has been an interesting year, but I never expected it would take off like it has."

Of course, since I have been trained as an English teacher, I made a few changes. I can't let a block of text go by un-edited.

Here's to another year (maybe).

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