Sunday, February 28, 2010

Old Man: Sunday Style

Classic curricular trad here this Sunday.

Can't really tell there but that is a Hanauer bow in a BB1 stripe in red, white, and blue (in honor of the US hockey team who is currently locked in overtime *edit, never mind, they just lost*).

If you care to see some decidedly un-trad pictures, check out a new post on my other blog, The Strayaway Child (warning, contains denim and tattoo content)


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Old Man: What is Trad? II

Another country heard from.

J Press tweed, Brook Brothers (Makers) tie and (Makers) shirt.

Blurry picture could go either way.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Old Man: What Is Trad?

In light of a very strange thread on AAAT (which I still believe was started by someone from FNBTI), this is what Trad is (to me, at least, ymmv).

Brooks sack, blue uni stripe, pennies, wool tie, cuffed flatfront khakis (not pictured, because I think it's gross)

Show me your trad.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Old Man: Homemade Stuff

Today is all about my wife and me making some awesome food.

She started out with some homemade french bread. It just finished and the house smells awesome.

Then I started trying to make some homemade sauce. Crushed some tomatoes, simmered in a pot for about an hour, adding in some seared onions and garlic, some spices, and some oil. It's cooling right now. The house smells double awesome. We'll see how it works at dinner time.

Because I'll be making some pizza (with homemade dough) for dinner.

Also, I just finished roasting some coffee for the next two weeks. The house smells triple awesome.

I should be grading papers, but this stuff is way more fun and relaxing.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Young Man: What I Would Take from David

David at The Natural Aristocrat is one of the best new bloggers in town. I always enjoy seeing the crazy stuff he picks up at the thrift shop, and his prose is inspiring.

I had a hard time trying to decide which thing to steal from him. For the longest time I thought I would steal his glasses, but after seeing his most recent post, Imma definitely have to steal this piece.

Houndstooth overcoat (reversible for plain khaki). This thing is crazy awesome. And how can I not want this thing with the way David is rocking it? BD and tie bar? Collar halfway popped? Just really amazing stuff. And I'm going to need that coat.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Young Man: Raw Silk

I was trolling the Epaulet webstore and I came across something I'd seen before.

A raw silk, multicolored gingham bowtie. At 45 bucks, this is a great buy for Spring/Summer.

I really like the look of raw silk ties/bowties, but I don't think I could or would own more than one or two of them, since each one is so distinct and unique. Anyways, here are a few J. Press ties to get you looking forward to Spring/Summer (as if anyone really needed that with all the cold rain/snow almost everyone's had lately).

(apparently this is raw silk too, but I'm skeptical. It would be awesome though)

Ellie at The Cordial Churchman should make a few up.


Old Man: Details

I like grading with green instead of red.

And this jacket has all the right details.

Best tweed I own.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Young Man: Snow Day

But don't worry, the Clemson Peppino's was open until midnight in spite of the snow. I don't suppose I can complain. 12 is much better than 3.

Oh and I'm also working tonight. yay...


Friday, February 12, 2010

Young Man: What I Would Take From LAS

The man behind Sartorially Inclined, LAS, is somewhat of a mystery to me. By that I mean he sort of came out of nowhere. I know we are the same age (though I always thought he was older), that he graduated from the wrong ACC school, and that he has a great eye for great clothes. He has been running SartInc for a little over six months. I remember a while ago he started commenting on my blog, then I got an email about the Bean Boot Project. He seemed like a cool guy and I liked what he had, even at that early stage, but didn’t pay a whole lot of attention.

All of a sudden he absolutely blew up. Don’t make the same mistake I did. He is required (daily) reading for anyone in the style game and absolutely essential for anyone who wants to learn about starting a blog of their own.

So besides everything I just mentioned, what could LAS have that I could want? Just a little pair of blue suede shoes.

If you read this blog semi-often you’ll know that I received a pair of navy suede DB’s for my birthday. Mine are Clarks and are seriously great shoes. My only beef is that they are very dark, with a black sole. Often people assume they are black.

LAS has a pair of the Mark McNairy blue suede chukkas with red brick soles. These things are so awesome it makes me sick. They are much lighter than the Clarks, and they have that famous red brick sole. I think the red sole also helps the shoes look lighter. When it comes time to get my Clarks resoled I might see if I can get a lighter sole (and in something more durable than crepe). Not to mention these shoes carry a significant price tag and seem to be sold out everywhere (at least the original RBS edition).

All of this added up equals my serious jonesing to steal these right out from LAS’ closet. I’ll be in his neck of the woods for a wedding in April, maybe I’ll swing by....


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Young Man: What I Would Take from Giuseppe

Giuseppe is one of the coolest guys in the blogosphere. He rocks his blog two or three times a week, has a following bigger than I'll ever hope to get, even if I posted thrice a day. He's one of the only guys I've seen the pink/green combo on who didn't make me laugh.

Oh yea, and the guy has a freakin gold mine in his closet. He's been thrifting for years and has a great eye (as well as a great spot or two), which adds up to some amazing and crazy pieces.

What I would steal from G (besides my jacket back) is this amazing scarf.

The story goes thus: his wife found this awesome patch blanket, which G recently cut up and sewed (oh ya, I forgot to say, he has some serious skills with a needle and thread) it up and made it into the great scarf you see here. I would wear that thing every single day.

I think the next person I'll steal something from will be LAS. Don't tip him off.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Young Man: New Series

I have an idea for a new series of posts that might mix this blog up for you readers and for me.

The genesis for this series is Giuseppe's new header. It is an amazing picture of some of G's jackets.

But I swear to you he stole one straight from my closet.

You might recognize it. About four from the right. Loud glenplaid with reds/greens/browns/oranges/etc. My jacket.

So I started wondering. What would I take from some of my favorite bloggers' closets? This series will take you through what I covet most from the blogs I read, bigtimers and smalltimers alike. And it won't necessarily be something clothing related (watch your cigars Delaware Blue Blazer). I'll be starting this series probably tomorrow or Friday, depending on how long it takes me to get these formal lesson plans written out (forever, believe me). Why do I have to write 1,000 words to say I'll be administering a vocab quiz?

Look for it soon. Pending title is "Young Man: What Would I Take From _______" Might start with G, just as retribution (vocab word, pay attention).


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Young Man: Pattern Mixing, Pt. 2

With picture proof.

Cord stripes
Shirt checks
Tweed tie strip/check
Square paisley

I thought the tweed tag was really cool so I took a picture of that too.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Young Man: Spring Squares

It's no secret over here that I love pocket squares. So, inspired by a Mister Crew post, here is a list of pocket squares I wouldn't mind having. Most of them are Spring/Summer themed, but not all.

First up are some J. Press squares.

Now Fine and Dandy

Finally some Kent Wangs. No experience but apparently they are great (and cheap).

Enjoy. Throw some color in that breast pocket.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Old Man: Sunday Style and New Blog

More weird photography experiments that don't really show a whole lot.

One cute dog

Another cute dog

Also, via "eris" on FNB, I discovered this blog over the weekend, Portrait of The University. Lots of good stuff there. If you're on Tumblr, follow it for sure.

The rest of the afternoon will be spent in sewing, cooking (should be delicious, maybe some tumblr pics up later), reading Ulysses, and watching some kinda football game.

Enjoy yours.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Young Man: Pattern Mixing

Before I get to the post, apparently the last post celebrating my 1 year anniversary was also my 200th post. Weird.

Anyways, on to the post.

There is an old rule in menswear that says a man should wear two solids and a pattern. That makes three pieces, meaning suit/jacket, shirt, and tie (pocket squares are left out, but I imagine if they were included it would be three solids and a pattern). Presumably the idea is that if this rule is adhered to, the resulting outfit will be kept from being too busy, which would confuse the eye of the looker, drawing the eye away from the face of the wearer (attracting attention to the face is the whole purpose of clothing, according to Flusser). This is all well and good, and I respect those who can adhere to the rule, but I can’t help mixing patterns all over the place. I rarely have one or zero patterns on, mostly three or four.

Now, I am certainly not saying that I am able to pull off the four patterns very well. In the chapter on pattern mixing, Flusser gives the examples of the Duke of Windsor and Fred Astaire as the masters of the four pattern scheme. I’m nowhere near them. I probably don’t even do it very well, but I really can’t help doing it.

For instance, today I am wearing a Uni striped shirt, an emblematic tie (the fox and horn one), a herringbone jacket, and a paisley/geometric patterned pocket square. I didn’t plan on wearing four patterns today. I just pulled out this shirt and then the tie and then the jacket and then the square. It wasn’t until later that I realized there were four patterns in this outfit. It just turns out that way most of the time.

The main thing that is needed in mixing patterns - and especially three or four (or five, with socks or trousers) - is change in scale. For example: the stripes in my shirt are close, the h-bones are a little further apart, the emblems are bigger and wider apart, and the square is so detailed that it sort of defies scale (if that makes sense, maybe it would be better to say that the patterns are large), and so works.

I suppose one reason I so often mix patterns is because of the way I buy things. Shopping at a thrift store makes a person susceptible to what the store has at that moment. I would order more plain shirts or jackets or ties if I could afford to buy them at BB or JPress or other places. But I buy the things I see at the thrift store and which I like. But in any case, I enjoy wearing outfits with multiple patterns, and don’t think I will stop any time soon.