Sunday, July 25, 2010

Old Man: Sunday Style

Though I'm sure you'll be the judge of that.

I went a little crazy with the affectations at Church today.

Brooks suit and shirt, Robert Talbot tie, LGC belt, AE loafers, Rayban shades, Hanauer square.

Looks pretty innocent, huh? But...

super bright square (bright against the dull earth tones of the rest of the outfit), collar-pin-as-tie-clasp, double ring belt with a suit, and, of course,

no socks.

Today the preacher laughed and said that he loved the "tie with no socks look." I thought that was funny. I like it too.

All silly, useless affectations, sure, but what the hell isn't these days?


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Young Man: New Belt

I've been in need of a new casual belt for a while. The belt I had been using was over four years old. The buckle had been stitched into the belt rather flimsily. It was no surprise when it broke three years ago, so my wife fixed it with some thicker leather cord. It held up great (and still does), but I was on the last hole due to my recent weight loss.

A few months ago I saw the Context Double Ring Belts, which look really cool, but not necessarily $115 cool. So I found the double ring belt at Leather Goods Connection. It looked very similar, with more customization (regarding leather, size, rings, and stitching), but for half the price (see here). I went with the natural bridle leather, which is an extra five dollars, and it still came in at little over fifty bucks. I ordered it on Friday afternoon, and got a personal email from Larry at LGC on Saturday afternoon saying that it had been made and sent out already. It got to South Carolina from Wisconsin by Tuesday. Pretty nice shipping time for a handmade leather belt. Here are some pictures of the belt and how it looks.

Packaged with a note.

Here is a picture of the belt with my wallet, which was natural leather four months ago. It has darkened pretty nicely, and I can't wait for the belt to darken too.

With jeans and a pink u-stripe oxford.

And a close-up.

All told, I'm extremely happy with the belt. If you ever need a wallet, belt, or other leather good (they have a ton of stuff there), check out Larry at LGC.

(Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Larry or Leather Goods Connection, and they have no affiliation with me)


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Old Man: Sunday Style

Yeah yeah, I know it's been a while. Sorry about that. I have lots of other stuff going on. I'm working five nights a week, helping my wife watch some kids, and playing all kinds of music. I've also started working on learning to speak Irish Gaelic again.

But enough with the excuses. I'm trying to keep up with my Strayaway Child blog, which is easier to do than this one. So check it out. I'd still like to keep up with this one though, so expect some more posts.

Enough yak. Onto the pictures.

A very patriotic combo here. Corbin poplin, Brooks oxford, thrift tie, JZ Richards square, AE loafers.

A couple bees tried flying into the house while the picture was taken. Matrixed.

Sockless, of course.

Happy 4th. Go light some stuff on fire.