Sunday, December 19, 2010

Old Man: Sunday Style

The Wind at Your Back tweed
Orvis sweater
Bass shirt
thrift tie
LE chinos
AE loafers

TEXTURE (tweed, cotton, wool, cotton, silk)

The wife and I are heading down to Florida tomorrow morning for a few weeks. Expect a delay over the holiday. Go have fun with your families. I'll be back in January to celebrate YM/OM's second birthday.

Merry Christmas


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Old Man: Sunday Style

OK, so a few days is better than a few months. It was good and cold this morning, which for me means tweed, scarf, and gloves.

Press Donegal tweed
BB shirt
Tallbot tie
Dunderdon scarf
PRL gloves/green cords

Green-er smartwool socks
AE loafers

The detail shots were taken on my phone so I apologize in advance for the quality.

This is what I'm wearing now, however. Very comfy.

Old Navy/BB/RRL/LL Bean (a birthday present - thanks mom and dad!)

Stay warm.