Saturday, February 26, 2011

Old Man: Blucher Mocs

I was never a big fan of blucher mocs. I always preferred boat shoes, and blucher mocs seemed like boat shoes, but without the convenience of being able to slip on.

Last summer my boat shoes finally got too ripped to wear comfortably (or confidently), I started looking for some new shoes. The LL Bean Signature blucher mocs looked really cool, especially since they were suede (I love suede shoes, though I only have two pairs). So my wonderful wife bought them for my birthday. I've had them for a few months, and these have gone through lots in that time. Sand at the beach, playing soccer, sockless, sock-ed, drenched, bleached, etc. These things are great and have held up like a champ. I'd grab the other two colors if I could afford them. The laces are pretty cool too. Highly recommended.

And now I actually prefer the way blucher mocs look now. They look more balanced. But boat shoes are cool too.

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