Sunday, February 20, 2011

Old Man: Sunday Style

Another late Saturday night shift. But I got a haircut this past week so no awesome/terrifying hair pictures this week.

I love this tie. A thrift score. I can't seem to tie it without the smaller end "twisting." It used to bother me, but I love it now. I even got featured on Sart Inc for the twist once long ago (though with a different tie).

Now dudes don't have to ask what my tie is made of, since the "All Silk" tag is facing them. Boom. Stylish and functional. Done and done.

Pulled out the gunboats this morning.

Rest is JPress jacket, BB shirt, Epaulet chinos, ADG's square (I have like ten of his squares), and obnoxious argyle socks.

chun moladh agus glóire Dé

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