Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Old Man: Essay: On Blogging

In case you hadn't noticed, before the past few days there wasn't anything new on this blog for quite some time. Part of that is because of the baby (and other things), but another reason is that I've gotten pretty tired of blogging. Or at least of blogging in the way that I had been. I thought a little about why that might be, and why I've decided to start doing it again, and this essay post is the result of those thoughts.

Many other people (such as TRTA) have written about this, but it is clear to me that the internet is extremely oversaturated with bloggers. Not just bloggers, but "style" bloggers. There are trad blogs, streetwear blogs, avant-garde blogs, picture blogs (eg tumblrs), and so on and so on. I'm pretty tired of it all. I used to read lots of blogs, back when I first got started in this. Now I hardly read any. Maybe a few a week.

Part of this might be that (as has been pointed out on The Curriculum), sometimes you just run out of things to talk about with clothes. So the same old stuff gets rehashed. Like how there are fifty pictures of me wearing my navy EPs chinos in my last twenty posts. But I think all the bloggers have exacerbated this situation to the point where I have (or had I guess) no desire to read about, write about, or look at another OCBD or loafer.

A lot of the Blogger/Wordpress/etc. blogs are OK. Usually they are people who either post about themselves (personal), or actually know what they're talking about (like LAS), which keeps it interesting. But Tumblr has killed it for me. And I say this after having looked through my dashboard for the past 15 minutes. I still look at it but I think it really kills my desire for cool or interesting clothes. A bunch of people google image searching for something cool looking that they haven't seen before (though they probably have and just scrolled past it), or reblogging something that once was original but now is boring. It makes me sad that I can see an awesome picture of Steve McQueen or one of the awesome old Ivy LIFE archive picture and have my response be one of "whatever."

I'm as guilty as anyone in this. I have a tumblr. And the drive for hits has led me to sometimes spend enormous amounts of time on forums looking for the next look that will get me 20+ notes. The guy who actually put together the cool outfit doesn't know, doesn't get the recognition.

Another thing that bothers me is young punks (like me) telling people out there what to wear, what the rules are, or how they should present themselves. What the heck do I know? I'm 23 years old and have been into Trad/whatever you want to call it for what, three years? Why would anyone listen to me now, let alone when the blog started? I don't want someone's opinion who hasn't been there and done that for more than a college education.

I want to read ADG's posts, because the guy has lived it for longer than I've been alive. He has stories about the clothes. He isn't telling people how they should look, he's telling them how he looks, and what he did when he looked that way thirty years ago. That's pretty cool. I like reading that kind of stuff. Sure his pictures aren't the greatest, but his writing is authentic, and that goes a lot longer than some high schooler with a DSLR.

So I think this means that I'm going to cut back on the Tumbling (I feel so stupid when I say anything about tumblr anyways). I also think the posts here are going to look a lot like the last three posts. Some pictures of outfits that I thought were cool, and lots of rambling writing (because I'm in a writing mood).

Now go do something real.

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