Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stuff for Sale PT. 2 (the Measurements)

Here are the measurements for the suits in the original For Sale post.

p2p - 22
length - 33
sleeve length - 25 (from the top of the shoulder)
waist - 35 (2 to let out)
inseam - 31

p2p - 22
length - 34
sleeve length - 25
waist - 36
inseam - 29

Again, send me an email or leave a comment if you're interested.


PS: keep your eye here and at The Cordial Churchman for a special collaboration that should be going live soon. If the response is good we'll be expanding so check it out.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Young Man: Vacation

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you all know that I'll be in Florida for about a week. So I'll be slack on the posting during that time.

If you really want something to do, head on over to this HubPage, scroll down to the food and drink nomination section and vote for my article, An Introduction to Roasting Coffee At Home. Thanks.

See you in a few. Thanks for reading.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Old Man: Sunday Style

It started out nice enough this morning. Which is why I still had the jacket on.


Close-up of the whole-cuts

I made some paracord "croakies" last night. I found a more elegant solution for attaching them to my glasses.

Enjoy the weekend.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Old Man: Bibles

(this is a religious post - if that will offend you, I suggest you stop reading)

I'm a member of the Presbyterian Church in America, or PCA. It is a reformed Protestant denomination (see here for the Reformation). Being such, I enjoy reading in older translations. Not just the KJV. I particularly enjoy my 1599 Geneva Bible. It is a copy of the first full version of the Bible in English (others had parts, but not the whole). In fact, I think this Bible is so cool, I got the cross on the cover tattooed on myself (see here). It can be difficult to understand at times, but I'm an English nerd so I enjoy it.

The other translation I enjoy is the ESV. My wife has one of the ESV study Bibles (a wedding present from me), and it's a good translation, as well as a nice looking Bible. I've been wanting to try out the ESV Literary Study Bible for a while, but haven't gotten around to it. I think it's a cool idea that will appeal to my interest in literature, and help appreciate the Bible as a piece of literature as well as the Holy Book.

Speaking of good looks and Bibles, has anyone tried out the Saddleback Bible Cover? It looks really nice. The only thing is that it looks too small to hold any Bible that's bigger than a thinline style Bible. If it could handle a study Bible I'd grab it for sure. Any experiences out there? Could it handle a full size study Bible? I could spend a fortune at that place.

What's your favorite translation? Any particular editions? Let me know.

Thanks for reading,


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Old Man: Sunday Style

Started with a blazer, but it was too miserable. Bow-tie since we were in the nursery: gives the babies less to grab and drool on. I was wearing a blue Uni stripe, but my baby spit up on it seconds before we walked out the door.

Hanauer "most obnoxious bowtie ever"
Gant shirt
LE khakis
AE Hanovers

Closeup of the jacket and bow. Most obnoxious is a synonym for most awesome.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Young Man: Caps, Pt. 3

A while ago I posted a few posts on Ball Caps. Here are a few other caps that I would like to buy.

Volunteer Traditions

Orange, of course. I already have the belt, and love the SC flag.

Southern Proper

Everything about this hat is awesome. Dogs, bowties, faded red, available locally. It's all good.

The Game

Inspired by Trip and RCS, I love these hats. I also have a local source for these.

The only problem with these hats is that my head is so big that I can only wear non-fitted hats is right after I have a haircut. But I'm trying to stay trimmed up so maybe that will keep me able.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Young Man: Making Moves

Hey everyone. As you may have noticed, the blog has undergone some changes recently.

Maybe the biggest change is I started allowing ads. I know, I know. I don't really like the idea either. But it's hard raising a family on barely over minimum wage. I'm not expecting this to become a career (or the only job I do); I'm just trying to earn a little extra cabbage for stuff like clothes or music stuff.

In the same vein, I've also started writing at some other gigs. I started a HubPages account, which is a place for people to write articles and make money off of ads in the same was as Blogger ads. The articles I write for that account will be more general, and less style related as a rule, but my first article was right in my wheelhouse: Easy Accessories for Men in a Business Casual Environment. The next was about Reading Poetry, so I'm all over the map. I'll be doing a good bit of cooking articles too, as that is one of my passions. They have a widget that I installed on the side of my blog if you want to keep up to date about the articles I've written.

I also started writing for Yahoo! associated content. I haven't quite worked out what all I'll be writing there, but I think it will be a lot of creative writing (I already have a poem up there), plus a few articles like the HubPages stuff. I get paid based on page views with the Yahoo! stuff, so I'll be plugging articles and poems that get published pretty hard here, on twitter, and on Tumblr. Check it out (and maybe refresh a few times).

I'll still be writing here as often as I can. I figure if I'm going to try and get some monetary value out of this whole thing I should put some good work into it. I've got twenty to thirty post ideas lined up. Look for a new post at least every three to four days.

Thanks to all my readers, both new and those who've been with me from the first post almost three years ago. I appreciate it. It's been a pleasure to write about one of my passions.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Support: I Make Things

Thomas at I Make Things commented on the ITM post. I checked out his blog and it is awesome. He makes and sells all kinds of stuff: ties, hats, watchbands, pipe cases - heck, he even restores pipes! Check his site out and buy something.

Great work Thomas!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Young Man: Summer Style

Trying to channel Fred @ UP (couldn't find the post, but it was from last summer I think).

new haircut
old Polo short sleeve madras
cut-off white Levis
AE Hanovers (developing a great patina, by the way)

While I was out getting a trim, I stopped by one of my favorite places in Clemson, MH Frank's. Not super traditional (in the AmTrad sense), but very Southern (lots of Southern Proper, bow-ties and Clemson themed gear - natch) with British influences (Austin Reed sportcoats, spread collar dress shirts), and all the crazy pocket squares a nerd could hope for. The staff is extremely kind and helpful too. Two older guys run the place, with college students helping out. Steve and Jay are great guys. I hadn't been in there in probably a year, and Jay remembered my name and asked about my wife (he was excited about the baby). He also showed me an amazing blue tweed Austin Reed jacket. Double vented, triple open patch pockets, nice lapel roll, fit beautifully. And down like 3 bills from the list price. I couldn't swing it, but rest assured if I fall into some money I'll buy it like that.

I did see an awesome Southern Proper hat that I'll be buying sometime soon. They also had some cool t-shirts and shorts (ala Red Clay Soul) that I might look into.

If you're ever in Clemson, send me an email and we'll get a slice and check out MH Frank's. Or just go downtown and check it out by yourself. You'll get treated great and get some sweet looking stuff.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Young Man: Running

I've always wanted to be a runner. In high-school I was really interested in the Army (even applied for West Point). It obviously didn't pan out, but it got me running. My dad and I would get up at 5 am and run before work and school. The only problem is that I didn't like actually doing it. I want to have fun running. I know it's always hard, but I didn't like it. And when I tried up here, I definitely didn't like it (hills, innit).

Recently my parents (both in their fifties) each ran a half marathon, and my mom did a triathlon on Mother's Day. They're pretty hardcore. Very inspiring. My mom ran them both in her new Vibram Five Fingers. They're basically shoes that allow you to run like you're barefoot (check out this site if you want to learn about barefoot running), but with the protection of Vibram soles (thin so you can feel the ground, but thick enough so that you won't get hurt too bad on pebbles and such). She got hers for Christmas and they really interested me, so I looked into them and got a pair of my own.

(my essential running gear: Vibram KSO's, and an old Bass Pro Shop hat. Also, an iPod [no viz])

I started running about a mile at a time. Probably a bad idea. You see, running barefoot uses muscles that normal running shoes don't, so you need to build up to it. Also, I've never been able to run very far or for very long.

Recently I started doing a Couch to 5k program. I highly recommend it if you want to get into running but haven't done much in the past or need to build up. I'm on week three and looking forward to progressing. If you do it, check out the podcasts that people have made that tell you the intervals to run and walk during (much easier than checking your watch - it also lets you listen to music).

Don't worry though, you won't see me walking around town in my toe shoes; they are strictly for working out right now (they also do great for kettlebell stuff, if you're into it). Go for a run. It's good for you.


Young Man: Passing

In case you aren't one of the almost 2k visitors to ADG's blog (can't even imagine that many visitors per day), one of the greats is hanging it up. Hopefully he leaves the archives up. Some great stuff there.

Here are some posts from my blog that illustrate ADG's generosity and inimitable personality.

The pocket square post
which led him to trade me somewhere over 100 bucks of stuff for one (ugly) pocket square

A catch-up post that shows how he sent me Flusser's Dressing the Man, autographed by the author himself, for free.

You'll be missed ADG. Onward


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Old Man: Irish Traditional Music

One of the reasons I haven't been posting on the blog lately is that I've been playing a lot of Irish Traditional Music (hereafter Trad [ya that's right more than one trad] or ITM). I play the tin whistle and the flute. The summer after my freshman year my family and I went to Ireland for two weeks. I picked up a few whistles there and have been playing ever since. So I'm going to subject you to some videos of my favorite players in this post.

The Raw Bar Collective - Conal O Grada is the flute player and he is probably my favorite flute player (great tone)

Mary Bergin

Lunasa - Kevin Crawford is the whistler/flautist

June McCormack

Blayne Chastain (more about him soon)

For the first few years I went at it alone, learning off of sheet music and CD's. Well, if any of you are familiar with ITM, it is an aural tradition, for centuries passed down by playing, not by reading. I tried in the past to get better at learning by ear, but it's hard for a classically trained musician (classical guitar) to get past sheet music and really use his ears.

I've started using Blayne Chastain's i-Teach lessons and absolutely love them. If there are any flute or whistle players out there wanting to really improve, especially their ear and ornaments, I'd heartily suggest them. He also has beginning lessons for those that don't have any experience whatsoever. The format is simple: each week (or so), he puts up a tune. He plays through it full speed (fully ornamented), slowly (no ornaments), and then he breaks each tune down to phrases (again, available fully ornamented or with no ornaments). I started learning the bare bones versions but now I prefer to do only the ornamented versions as they help me figure out where to put the ornaments and how to execute them better.

Here's the link for iTeach (disclosure - I think I get some kind of benefit out of this link, not really sure what it is though). The cost is something like 15 bucks a month. Chump change when you consider what you're getting. Highly recommended.

Scoiltrad has something similar, but not nearly as extensive. It is free though.

The Online Academy of Irish Music has a bunch of different instrument lessons. They cost some amount of money (not sure how much though). I have no experience besides the free sample lessons.

Anyways, if anyone likes or plays ITM, let me know in the comments. We'll set up a cyber session or something.

Oh ya, and this blog is great if you're into the old ITM stuff. He rips the rare 'ould stuff and puts them up on his blog. Some real great stuff. Ceol Álain.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Old Man: Sunday Style

J Crew/Don Loper/Epaulet/AE/guitar for church (no viz)

Rayban/middle of conversation

No socks, natch

Enjoy the Sabbath all. Measurements to come.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stuff For Sale

I'm trying to raise money for a new flute (for Irish music). Since I've got all kinds of stuff in my closet that I don't wear, I thought I'd try to unload some of it here. I don't have measurements yet (had to work today), but I'll have them up tomorrow or Monday. The two suits fit me (and I usually wear a size 40 jacket, 34 pants).

First up is a Corbin stripe suit. $50

3/2 sack, charcoal, stripe

Next is a solid charcoal Southwick 3/2 sack - $50

Some RRL straight leg jeans. These are tagged 36, but run large (the only reason I'm selling them). They are in great condition. I've worn and washed them a few times, but they don't show much wear (no combs, fades, etc.) The stitching on the back right pocket is busted a little. When I bought them they were new and rigid. These are 180 new and fantastic. I really wish they fit me. CLAIMED

JZ Richards tie. This guy makes great ties and squares. This was $70 new. $30

Take a little Clemson, SC home with you.

PRL horse bowtie. Very cool bow but I don't ride enough horses to pull it off. $20

I might have some other stuff (anyone say pocket squares?) around to put up sometime. I'm pretty flexible on the prices. These are just a starting point. I've never really done this before.

Like I said, measurements will be up sometime soon. Send me an e-mail if you want more detailed or specific pictures or if you're interested. Thanks for stopping by.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Old Man: On Forums

I've had the tab about forums on the side of my blog for quite a while. I like forums. It was where I got my start in this style (see my first pictures here - maybe a glimpse of pre-mustache). Forums are good because you get lots of different opinions on stuff instead of a blog where it's a top-down approach. That could also be the trouble with forums (in some ways). For example, AAAT has lots of discussion, and lots of that discussion is extremely trite and hard to get through. The Curriculum has much less discussion, but most of it I find interesting. FNB TI is a whole other level, but I like to read there every once in a while.

(warning - Ask Andy side rant coming up - skip to the * if you want to)

Maybe the problem many have with AAAT is that they are advanced in the style and want the kind of discussion that goes on at The Curriculum (where most people have experience with the style). But AAAT is filled with people like me three years ago who have no idea what they're doing. Everyone needs a starting place. The more experienced people run out of things to talk about and move on to blogs or other forums, or stop posting altogether. Then the next generation comes in and it starts again. The problem is when you expect the JV team to play up to your Pro level expectations. And now, the advanced people won't even go into AAAT and answer the same questions they had years ago, so people get away from "the curriculum," which makes the pros even more upset and want to go there even less. So the up and coming AAAT membership is new, with questions, and without guidance from most of accomplished online members of this style. A bad situation that's going to get worse.

Now The Curriculum has it's own problems. Fewer threads (which I don't mind) mean less traffic and slower days. But forums exist for traffic. So more people are being let in. They still have to be vouched for, but for how long? Hopefully it doesn't become another AAAT.

The other option many have pursued is making a blog. This lets them talk about whatever they want. I would never make this a thread on any of the forums, but it's what I feel like talking about so I'm doing it here.


But I'm probably as tired of forums as I am of blogs. Every forum wants more traffic, more threads, more interest. This creates inherent competition, and some - albeit small - level of animosity between advocates of one or the other. You can probably feel it in this post. I prefer The Curriculum more than any of the other forums. So whether I mean to or not, I diss AAAT and FNB whenever I talk about this stuff.

This animosity creates unfair biases. Here's a good example.

This thread on FNB shows pictures of Jim, who has been the lead persona of Russell Street for a while. The RS saga is a long one, and he has turned many people against him, and I'm not going to try and sum it all up here.

But I really like Jim's look in the second picture down. It isn't groundbreaking or anything, and he looks much more normal than many people probably thought, but it's a simple outfit. And that's what the style is: simple. An oxford shirt, khakis, and (probably) some loafers. Anyone can do it. I don't appreciate all his trolling, but it isn't going to keep me from acknowledging that he put a good outfit together. And since he's been at it for decades, it's probably second nature to him by now. And I can appreciate (and aspire to) that.

But lots of people can't get by the online persona and the abrasive nature of his posts to say that it's a good outfit. But if I put a picture up of an outfit that well put together, I'm sure those same people would compliment me on it. So the stupid high-school level drama (on both sides, mind you) is more important than the clothes. And that defeats the true purpose of the forums.

Anyways, more rambling. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think. More pictures this Sunday (hopefully).