Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Old Man: Bibles

(this is a religious post - if that will offend you, I suggest you stop reading)

I'm a member of the Presbyterian Church in America, or PCA. It is a reformed Protestant denomination (see here for the Reformation). Being such, I enjoy reading in older translations. Not just the KJV. I particularly enjoy my 1599 Geneva Bible. It is a copy of the first full version of the Bible in English (others had parts, but not the whole). In fact, I think this Bible is so cool, I got the cross on the cover tattooed on myself (see here). It can be difficult to understand at times, but I'm an English nerd so I enjoy it.

The other translation I enjoy is the ESV. My wife has one of the ESV study Bibles (a wedding present from me), and it's a good translation, as well as a nice looking Bible. I've been wanting to try out the ESV Literary Study Bible for a while, but haven't gotten around to it. I think it's a cool idea that will appeal to my interest in literature, and help appreciate the Bible as a piece of literature as well as the Holy Book.

Speaking of good looks and Bibles, has anyone tried out the Saddleback Bible Cover? It looks really nice. The only thing is that it looks too small to hold any Bible that's bigger than a thinline style Bible. If it could handle a study Bible I'd grab it for sure. Any experiences out there? Could it handle a full size study Bible? I could spend a fortune at that place.

What's your favorite translation? Any particular editions? Let me know.

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