Thursday, July 14, 2011

Young Man: Making Moves

Hey everyone. As you may have noticed, the blog has undergone some changes recently.

Maybe the biggest change is I started allowing ads. I know, I know. I don't really like the idea either. But it's hard raising a family on barely over minimum wage. I'm not expecting this to become a career (or the only job I do); I'm just trying to earn a little extra cabbage for stuff like clothes or music stuff.

In the same vein, I've also started writing at some other gigs. I started a HubPages account, which is a place for people to write articles and make money off of ads in the same was as Blogger ads. The articles I write for that account will be more general, and less style related as a rule, but my first article was right in my wheelhouse: Easy Accessories for Men in a Business Casual Environment. The next was about Reading Poetry, so I'm all over the map. I'll be doing a good bit of cooking articles too, as that is one of my passions. They have a widget that I installed on the side of my blog if you want to keep up to date about the articles I've written.

I also started writing for Yahoo! associated content. I haven't quite worked out what all I'll be writing there, but I think it will be a lot of creative writing (I already have a poem up there), plus a few articles like the HubPages stuff. I get paid based on page views with the Yahoo! stuff, so I'll be plugging articles and poems that get published pretty hard here, on twitter, and on Tumblr. Check it out (and maybe refresh a few times).

I'll still be writing here as often as I can. I figure if I'm going to try and get some monetary value out of this whole thing I should put some good work into it. I've got twenty to thirty post ideas lined up. Look for a new post at least every three to four days.

Thanks to all my readers, both new and those who've been with me from the first post almost three years ago. I appreciate it. It's been a pleasure to write about one of my passions.

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