Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Young Man: Summer Style

Trying to channel Fred @ UP (couldn't find the post, but it was from last summer I think).

new haircut
old Polo short sleeve madras
cut-off white Levis
AE Hanovers (developing a great patina, by the way)

While I was out getting a trim, I stopped by one of my favorite places in Clemson, MH Frank's. Not super traditional (in the AmTrad sense), but very Southern (lots of Southern Proper, bow-ties and Clemson themed gear - natch) with British influences (Austin Reed sportcoats, spread collar dress shirts), and all the crazy pocket squares a nerd could hope for. The staff is extremely kind and helpful too. Two older guys run the place, with college students helping out. Steve and Jay are great guys. I hadn't been in there in probably a year, and Jay remembered my name and asked about my wife (he was excited about the baby). He also showed me an amazing blue tweed Austin Reed jacket. Double vented, triple open patch pockets, nice lapel roll, fit beautifully. And down like 3 bills from the list price. I couldn't swing it, but rest assured if I fall into some money I'll buy it like that.

I did see an awesome Southern Proper hat that I'll be buying sometime soon. They also had some cool t-shirts and shorts (ala Red Clay Soul) that I might look into.

If you're ever in Clemson, send me an email and we'll get a slice and check out MH Frank's. Or just go downtown and check it out by yourself. You'll get treated great and get some sweet looking stuff.

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