Thursday, September 8, 2011

Young Man: In My Queue

I don't know if you all do the Netflix thing, but we do and it's pretty sweet. I thought this might be a fun series to do every once in a while.

Rescue Me: A pretty good FDNY show. All except the latest two seasons are on Instant too, which is pretty sweet. Now I just have to wait until they put Season 6 on there.

Louie: Absolutely hilarious. I just started watching this. Not for everyone. Pretty crude and dark, but I love it. FX has the best shows. Season 1 is on instant.

Danu: One Night Stand: If you like ITM, this is a must. Danu is one of the most talented bands out there. Some great tunes, songs (in English and Irish Gaelic), and just a good time. It's over three hours long (!), so I've only scratched the surface. Instant.

Come West Along the Road: Another good ITM choice. This is an RTE production, which has a bunch of clips from all around Ireland of songs, tunes, and sean-nos stepdancing. I haven't seen in yet since it isn't on instant, but it's supposed to be awesome. Should be getting it next week.


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