Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Old Man: The Dillard House, Pt. 3

The Grounds in the morning.

The place was pretty in the evening, but was really nice in the morning, particularly in the low 40's. Lots of pictures here.

This is the Rock House, where we stayed. Middle right was our room. 

The view from the porch.

A fire burning in the dining room of the Rock House (complete with coffee and pastries - all free).

This is one of the available inns. Very nice view. 

Horses, available to ride. 

The goat pen.

This is the look I was going for with the goatee, apparently. 

Comfy rocking chairs. 

See ya next year (hopefully).

Heartily recommended for everyone, especially for families. Very fun. Enjoy your holidays.

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