Monday, November 7, 2011

Young Man: Miscellany

Just some random thoughts.

Calum Stewart is one of the most inspired and talented wooden flute players I've ever heard. He's from Scotland, and plays in that tradition, but also mixes in Irish, Breton and Quebecois styles. So amazing.

This is a cool clip from the Clemson Strength and conditioning football program. I honestly recognized like four or five guys from the pizza place. They came in and each ordered an 18" pizza. Big fellas.

I recently remembered a trip to the Dillard House I went on a few years ago. It is seriously the best breakfast I've ever had. Southern style and endless. So delicious. I've been trying to plan out a trip sometime. It's an hour or so away, but totally worth it.

Last thing. Don't forget about Cordies. Thanks to everyone who has bought some so far. They're still available. The site says only two colors are available, but I'm pretty sure all the colors are available, plus red. If anyone has bought some I'd love to hear what you think.


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