Saturday, November 12, 2011

Young Man/Old Man: Facebook Page and Old Layout

Alright. So you talked me into it. I liked the dynamic views, but there was a lot I missed. Like the blog updates (it's actually the way I knew when other blogs posted) and easy links. So here's the old template again. The background is different, because I couldn't find it, but I think this one looks alright too. If there's something missing that you want let me know. It should all be there.

Also, Cordies now have a facebook page. Check it out. I'll be keeping most of the Cordies news there from now on. I'm working on getting them to other places around here and elsewhere (South Florida, some areas of Georgia - gotta start slow though). If new distributors open up I'll be sure to let you know on the facebook page. There is now a like button on the blog too.

Enjoy the weekend, and go Tigers.

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