Sunday, December 11, 2011

Old Man: Sunday Style

Chilly morning here. I broke out the gloves and Dunderdon scarf again. No picture of them since it warmed up after church.

I cropped my face out because my daughter was at the glass door and I was making an incredibly goofy face at her. 

Almost too matchy for me, but I liked it.

Love these cords.

Bonus shot of me hauling our Christmas tree away. We got ours at Hilltop Christmas Tree Farm in Six Mile. A great place and it was a lot of fun to pick ours out and cut it down ourselves. It will definitely be a tradition from now on.

We're leaving for Florida tomorrow morning very early (like in twelve hours) so I might not post quite as much, but I'll try to have some posts up. If anyone is within driving distance of West Palm Beach, let me know.

Enjoy the Sabbath and the holidays.


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