Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Young Man: Barefoot Running

Here's my gift to you. Jason Robillard (of Barefoot Running University) has released his book, The Barefoot Running Book up for free as a PDF download. He put it up on his site, but it expired a while ago, so I found a link to a share site here, another blog.

If you're looking to get into barefoot or minimalist running, this is the book to read. And Jason has encouraged others to share this as much as possible. Here's the quote from the eBook forward.

"Send this file to all your friends, colleagues, and relatives. Send it
to your local newspaper and TV reporters, running clubs, and running stores. Post it on
your favorite social network and online communities. If you have a website, feel free to
host the file (just remember you cannot charge for it!) It's my $9.95 gift to you! The
best way you can repay me is by sharing it freely!"

So here you go. I'm sharing it (this is also my Christmas present for you all). Enjoy. I'm just going through it and really enjoying it. Remember if you do start running the way we were made, go slow. Your foot muscles and bones have atrophied over years of running in traditional running shoes.

Merry Christmas

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