Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Young Man: Big Haircut

Parted on the right (stage right), tapered on the sides and back. I need to get it cut more often, but I like the look.

Getting ready for football season with solid orange paracord croakies (cordies, maybe?).


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Young Man: Stats

Statcounter is a dangerous time-waster for me. But I do like looking at who comes here, from where, for how long, etc. If only I could figure out why.

Found this today.

Awesome. Someone at ESPN is reading (or, read once) my blog. Hey whoever this is, tell Lou Holtz the Gamecocks suck!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Old Man: Sunday Style

Suit edition. The always dependable Corbin sack suit. Probably the last outing this season. Hopefully it will get cooler soon.

Can't see the AE wholecuts down below. Such slick shoes. Everything except the shoes, square, and sunglasses in this look was thrifted. The square probably actually cost more than the whole rest of the look. Awesome.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Young Man: Native Sunglasses

Since I've gotten back into exercising outside, I've been wanting a new pair of sunglasses that I could wear while working out, to work (and later to the firehouse). My only pair of sunglasses that I had was some Rayban wayfarers. They are super awesome, but really not great for anything other than casual wear. I wore them golfing once and when I started sweating it was game over.

Peppino's happens to be right next to Palmetto Shades, whose owner is really awesome and knowledgeable. He helped me find out about Native Eyewear. Pretty cool stuff. It's a great company: they have a one-year unconditional guarantee on every part of their glasses: even if the lenses are scratched, you can send them back and get brand new ones. They also have some pretty cool lenses. If you get some with interchangeable lenses, they come with two sets. Mine have some grey polarized lenses and some light brown low-light lenses. You also don't have to pay extra to get polarized lenses (this was the deal-breaker for me as I was also looking at Oakley Half-Jackets).

I also think they look pretty cool. I have a thing for tortoise shell glasses. Attached you can see a prototype of an upcoming Young Man Old Man/The Cordial Churchman collab. I'll put the details up when the details get worked out. Stay tuned.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Old Man: Sunday Style

Today's post is number 300. Yay.

Should just call this combo the conor special.

My wife made this square for me. Such a cool square.

Sorry the posts have turned infrequent again. I'm going to start volunteering at the Clemson University fire department, so duty and training will take up a bunch of time, but I'll still try and keep it fairly regular over here. Also I've been playing flute a bunch. I started jamming with an Irish group here. Hopefully that will become a regular thing. If there's ever a video or recording I'll put it up here.

Enjoy the Sabbath all.