Monday, December 26, 2011

Old Man: (Saturday and) Sunday Style

Here's what I wore for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, respectively. We served in the nursery Christmas morning so I wore something more simple.

Christmas Eve:

Jacket and bow: J Press
Shirt: BB
Cords: PRL
Pennies: AE

This bow baffles me. It has almost no lining, so it ties really strangely. I like it a lot though.


TCC bow

Replaced the navy EP chinos with black EP jeans for lunch with friends and lost the bow.

Hope it was a great holiday for everyone.

(I added some new photos to the Cordies FB page - if you've bought Cordies or are interested in them, check out the FB page and like it - and share it with your friends. Thanks to everyone who has bought them so far and supported me in this endeavor!)


Friday, December 23, 2011

Young Man: Knives and Tea

We got back from Florida yesterday. I got some nice gifts. Here are some of the more visually interesting gifts from the trip.

My wife's grandmother usually gives the guys knives or tools as gifts. This one was particularly cool. I thought I would try and wrap it (which turned out OK at least). This is now my running knife (around the neck). Works pretty well. Don't worry, the knot is simple slip knot, so no threat of hanging.

 My mom made me some chai tea. That's tea, cinnamon sticks, dried ginger, black peppercorns, and some other things I'm sure. It's magic. Drinking some now.

And a huge amount of books. Enjoy the holidays.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Young Man: New Music

My brother and sister in law got me an iTunes gift card for my birthday. This is the kind of thing I love. I've been using Spotify for a while, but there are some albums that aren't on there that I really want, so iTunes gift cards are great.

With my gift card I got:

Gillian Welch: The Harrow and the Harvest - really nice album. I haven't given it a really detailed listen (with lyrics and all), but it's a great listen, like all of her albums I've heard.

Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh: Fáinne an Lae (Daybreak) Muireann is a great singer and fluter/whistler. A nice iTrad album.

and the best one, Mick O'Brien & Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh: Deadly Buzz - Caoimhin and Mick are two of the best Irish trad musicians around. Caoimhin plays mostly fiddle and fiddle-like instruments, and Mick mostly uilleann pipes. But Mick also plays flute on a track, and Caoimhin plays whistle as well, with a couple of really great whistle duets. This is one of the best trad albums I've heard. 

Enjoy the music, always.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Young Man: Two More Gifts

First, if you like Louis CK, he has a new standup special for only $5. Support an awesome comedian doing a good thing.

Next, read this, The Oral History of Menswear Blogging. Sounds about as interesting as it is.

Then read this, An Oral History of the Time We Read GQ's "Oral History of Menswear Blogging."

Then enjoy.

(And ya I'm probably just bitter nobody mentioned me)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Young Man: Barefoot Running

Here's my gift to you. Jason Robillard (of Barefoot Running University) has released his book, The Barefoot Running Book up for free as a PDF download. He put it up on his site, but it expired a while ago, so I found a link to a share site here, another blog.

If you're looking to get into barefoot or minimalist running, this is the book to read. And Jason has encouraged others to share this as much as possible. Here's the quote from the eBook forward.

"Send this file to all your friends, colleagues, and relatives. Send it
to your local newspaper and TV reporters, running clubs, and running stores. Post it on
your favorite social network and online communities. If you have a website, feel free to
host the file (just remember you cannot charge for it!) It's my $9.95 gift to you! The
best way you can repay me is by sharing it freely!"

So here you go. I'm sharing it (this is also my Christmas present for you all). Enjoy. I'm just going through it and really enjoying it. Remember if you do start running the way we were made, go slow. Your foot muscles and bones have atrophied over years of running in traditional running shoes.

Merry Christmas


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Old Man: Sunday Style

Chilly morning here. I broke out the gloves and Dunderdon scarf again. No picture of them since it warmed up after church.

I cropped my face out because my daughter was at the glass door and I was making an incredibly goofy face at her. 

Almost too matchy for me, but I liked it.

Love these cords.

Bonus shot of me hauling our Christmas tree away. We got ours at Hilltop Christmas Tree Farm in Six Mile. A great place and it was a lot of fun to pick ours out and cut it down ourselves. It will definitely be a tradition from now on.

We're leaving for Florida tomorrow morning very early (like in twelve hours) so I might not post quite as much, but I'll try to have some posts up. If anyone is within driving distance of West Palm Beach, let me know.

Enjoy the Sabbath and the holidays.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Young Man: Birthdays, pt. 2

I forgot the best part of the birthday celebrations. My girls took me out to The Smokin' Pig, the best barbeque around here.

Their brisket is legendary. We have some friends from Texas and they say this is the closest thing to their favorite Texas brisket. I used to be a pork man but I think this is starting to convert me.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Young Man: Birthdays

Yesterday was my birthday. I have the best wife and daughter ever. They got me awesome gifts.

As such:

From the wife: a whole plate of sweet and spicy bacon (that's cayenne pepper mixed with brown sugar and applied liberally to baking bacon - so awesome), and the opportunity to walk around my favorite bookshop, McClure's, for almost an hour (I got Tinkers and Gilead - enjoying Tinkers so far). Since I had to work last night she's making me cake (with coffee in the cake and icing !) tomorrow. Awesome.

From the daughter: She started saying "Dada" yesterday. Best birthday present ever.

I hope you day was as blessed as mine. Enjoy the week.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Young Man: Waskerd: The Video

I've posted about Waskerd before. Great stuff by a great guy. Derek just recently completed a video about how he makes a wallet, all the way from cutting the leather to finished product. Very nice. Check it out.

Waskerd Handcrafted Leather Goods


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Old Man: Sunday Style

Well that turned out better than expected. Our power (apparently all of Clemson's power) went out right at the start of the second quarter though, so I found out the results this morning.

Hilton suit, AE wholecuts, Bass shirt, Clemson tie and square.

Ya I know, matching square and all that, but for the first championship in 30 years I'll make this one exception.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Young Man: Gigs

This is what you wear to a gig. Or it's what I wore at least.

With a white Brooks bd up top.