Monday, January 9, 2012

Old Man: Sunday Style and New Traditions

Lots of blue.


This year has been great, because my wife and I have been starting a lot of new traditions for our family (since we have the little one and want to be consistent). We cut down our own tree, spent Christmas and Thanksgiving in Clemson, went to bed at like 10 pm on NYE (well that's been going on for a while), and now, with the tree, we had to start a new tradition: Christmas tree burning.

We live in a condo, so even a small grill is out of the question. We have friends in Six Mile with a good bit of land, and they invited us over after church to burn our tree along with theirs. Needless to say we accepted gladly.

The base.

Our wee tree.

Their properly sized tree.

Great fun. It was wet and drizzling out, which worked out well and made me less nervous about spreading.

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