Sunday, January 15, 2012

Old Man: Sunday Style

This morning was brisk, so I broke out my (only) scarf, along with some tweed and an old Brooks sweater vest.

All buttoned up.

I took the scarf off in church. I found this sweater vest on one of my very early thrifting adventures. Not a bad score if you ask me. It has the old Brooks tag and logo and everything. I think it even still had the price tags.

Also included is a J Press Donegal tweed, J Crew pink oxford, 

Epaulet chinos, and Allen Edmonds loafers.

A friend at church who just started looking at the blog suggested that I make a separate page that has a list of all the acronyms that I regularly use. It thought it was a good idea as people who read who aren't as into Ivy league/trad stuff (ie not super nerds) probably don't know what ocbd, tnsil, and other things mean. Until that gets up I'll try to cut down the acronyms.

Thanks for reading. Carry on.

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