Sunday, January 22, 2012

Young Man: Selling Out

OK, so here's the deal. I don't make much money. So I can't buy new clothes or gear very often. My small group is also reading Radical Together together, which advocates putting everything on the table and seeing what is truly necessary. So I've been thinking about it, and I've got a good base of stuff already. Most of it could be better quality, but I don't need to dress well for anything (like my job). It's more of a choice. I happen to think it's a good choice. But not a necessity (or at least buying new clothes isn't one for me now).

Here's the problem, and how all this stuff applies to the blog. One of the things I like writing about and reading about in other blogs is new stuff. Reviews basically. There haven't been many reviews or new stuff lately, but now there's probably not going to be any. I'm afraid the blog will get boring and no one will read it (not that many do now anyways), but even worse, that I'll get bored of writing it. I actually enjoy this thing.

So, how to rectify this? I'll do more reviews of stuff that I already have (I already have another Waskerd review planned, plus some posts on how stuff I use a lot holds up). But I only have so many things to review.

So here's my second solution: I'm calling all companies who want their stuff reviewed on a small to medium time blog to send me stuff. It doesn't have to be big things, and I won't even keep it if you'd rather I not. I just want more fodder for posts. I doubt any clothing companies read this blog, but if they do, get at me. For the rest of you readers, if you know any manufacturers personally or as acquaintances, talk to them on my behalf. Is there something you've really wanted to see reviewed? Get it touch with the company and send them this post and a link to the blog.

Want some ideas? Here's some stuff I've been wanting to check out.

Bedrock Earthquake Huarache running sandals - once my Vibram Five Fingers wear out, this is the way I think I'll be going.

Epaulet Rivet Chinos Service Pants - I know from experience that Epaulet makes awesome stuff, and these are about the only cargo-ish pants I'd ever wear.

Patagonia Snap-T - A classic piece. And Red Clay Soul's posts on them have made me really want one.

Prison Blues Correction Connection Yard Coat - A cool coat.

Woolrich Altitude Vest - I've been looking for a nice vest for a while, and this was on Five Mile a week ago and looked real nice.

LL Bean Signature Eastport Ranger Boots - I have the moc version and love them. These look like a nice boot that would be real versatile (and close to zero-drop, if you know what that means).

Oak Street Bootmakers Natural Beefroll Pennies - I've loved these since I first saw them. My buddy Andy just got a pair and they look awesome (it's partly because of Andy's new swag that this post came about).

So there are some starting points. But if you think you can get me some swag, then I don't care. I'll review anything (clothing or accessory related). And don't worry, I'll be as fair and impartial as I can.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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