Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Francis Schaeffer on Reading the Bible

A lot of the posts will probably be Schaeffer quotes. I've read Art and The Bible a few times, but am just getting into his main worldview trilogy - He Is There and He Is Not Silent, Escape from Reason, and The God Who Is There. This is a great quote about how spending time in the Scriptures provides a worldview correction - acts as a compass, if you'd like.

"The Bible teaches by showing how God works in the world that he himself made. We should read the Bible for various reasons. It should be read for facts, and it should also be read devotionally. But reading the Bible every day of one's life does something else - it gives one a different mentality. In the modern world we are surrounded by the mentality of the uniformity of natural causes in a closed system, but as we read the Bible it gives us a different mentality. Do not minimize the fact that in reading the Bible we are living in a mentality that is the right one, opposed to the great wall of this other mentality that is forced upon us on every side - in education, in literature, in the arts, and in the mass media." He Is There and He Is Not Silent pg. 68

I know I don't read the Bible every day, but this gives me even more reason to do so.

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