Thursday, February 16, 2012

Old Man: Slip Joints

From my last post, you can tell I like locking pocket knives. They are great for EDC and will handle most of what you'd need it to on a regular basis.

But nothing is as classic and beautiful as a nice slip joint knife (some of the titanium heat treated lockbacks are pretty sweet). My dad has always loved slip joints, mostly Bucks. He always had a nice Buck or two on him. I've had a Buck made LL Bean branded slip joint for a while, but didn't use it very much. Then a few years ago we were in Florida for Christmas and my father-in-law took me to Gander Mountain and I bought this Case knife.

Functional, pretty, and orange to boot.

I think this is a Stockman pattern. Very sharp.

I carry this around in nicer outfits (suits, the EP navy chinos, etc). It's a little classier than the CRKT.

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