Sunday, February 19, 2012

Old Man: Sunday Style

Cold and wet this morning, and afternoon, oh and tonight. This dictated jeans, tweed, and boots.


The tweed is an old high 3/2 roll (seen in this post) herringbone. Great jacket. The shirt is a brown Brooks university stripe and the tie is a PRL madder.

Chippewa boots to slosh through the mud.

After church we went out to see a neat property for sale with some friends. The guy had built almost everything, including a workshop he built from materials he got from an old school he tore down himself. Pretty neat guy, and 25 acres of nice rolling woods. Anyways, since the weather was nasty I swapped the tweed for this jacket and lost the tie.

Dryer weather ahead. Looks like I'll have to hit the trails again tomorrow.

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