Saturday, February 25, 2012


Welcome to All Through One Lens. As I wrote in the What This Blog Is section, this blog will a place for me to work through (hopefully and eventually) all aspects of my life, and match them up to the worldview as set out in the Bible. If, at the end of the examination, I find that aspect at variance with scripture, I will attempt to set the two in compliance. This is a personal blog, but the Lord might see fit to bless another through my rambles.

Some examples of aspects ripe for examination: music, art, photography, fatherhood, tolerance, jobs, etc. And not every one of these will be one post. I imagine that if I stick with this blog I'll eventually have a hundred posts just about music, whether that be a genre of music, a band, a song, or a two line quote from a song. Ya, I like music. Probably too much. Hopefully these examinations will work that out.

Disclaimer: I have not taken seminary courses, or studied worldview/apologetics/theology formally. I have read some books on my own, and I have been faithfully instructed in the Word weekly for years, thanks to the wonderful churches to which I've been privileged to belong. I am not an expert. There will be errors. Please feel free to criticize, disagree, or otherwise discuss anything here. I will do my best to be humble and acknowledge my errors and faults.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I hope you find something worthy here.

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