Thursday, February 9, 2012

Young Man: An Experiment

No New Clothes in 2012

So here's the deal. As I explained in this post, I don't have much (read any) extra money to spend on clothes. I love looking at blogs and websites that have all the newest (or new trying to look oldest) togs. But at this point in my life I don't feel that buying lots of new stuff is viable, responsible, or even right for me. I was thinking about this tonight. I thought about my forced position on spending money, my current job situation (and the de facto uniform of said job), my family's attempts to cut down our consumption overall, and the light bulb came on.

So here is my pledge. For the rest of 2012, I will not buy another article of new clothing.

Here are the caveats:

  • Of course if I need underwear, socks, or undershirts, I'll buy them new. Because, gross. I'm not that hardcore. 

  • If a retailer wants to give me something of theirs to review, I'll accept it new and review it. And if I like it I'll keep it. If I don't particularly care for it or don't need it, I'll sell it here for cheap or give it away (don't get too excited, no-one's sent me anything yet).

  • This means I'll be starting to thrift again (it's been a long time since I've been to a thrift store). However, I'm not going to thrift like I did before. I'm not going to hit up three thrift stores a week, every week, looking for something good. I did this for a year or two, and all it led to was a bent closet-bar, and re-donating most of that stuff. If I need something new, I'll go to the thrift stores around here and look for it (or a reasonable substitute). If I don't find something there, I'll hit up eBay, the forums, etc. If I still can't find something AND I really need it, I'll consider buying it new. But I have a hard time believing I'll need something.

  • This pledge doesn't mean I'll be abandoning my principles of quality clothing. As a matter of fact, quality clothing really works in favor of this. If something is strong and well made, it will last a long time, meaning I won't have to buy new stuff as often. However, quality does not correspond to a certain brand, a certain material, or a certain country of origin (though I'll always defer to MIA if given the choice). Quality can be determined by handling the garment. Thrift stores offer this advantage. 

  • This pledge also doesn't mean I'll be abandoning TNSIL (Traditional, Natural Shouldered, Ivy-League) style. Patrick is a testament that great TNSIL stuff can be found at thrift stores. 

So there it is. I'll do my best to stick to the plan. If I do stray, I'll put up my rationale here and you can all berate me for being a filthy flip-flopper. And if I do find something awesome at a thrift store or on the bay, I'll put pictures up here.

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