Monday, February 13, 2012

Young Man: Gear

I love Everyday Carry (EDC). It's fun to see what everyone carries with them daily. Super nerd over here.

Nothing like what the guys on that site carry (as in everything, too poor for awesome stuff). But I like it.

Hillside bandana, Waskerd wallet, ACE hardware carabiner, pocket ESV, Embassy pen, CRKT M-16, Maratac AAA light, Timex on American Eagle strap.

I feel like that is a pretty good carry for me. When I first discovered EDC I went crazy with stuff and paracord (actually that's when I first started playing around with it). I used to carry around this monster too:

That's 20' of paracord (my first try at knotting) with a Gerber Shard, CRKT Torx driver, and SAK. When I hike or go to the station I still keep this in there, but it's too much for every day.

The heart of the carry.

The blade is really big, but it is light and I love the opening system and the additional locking system.

The pen is really heavy, but I've gotten used to it and really like the heft.

My wife laughs at me for keeping a flashlight with me, but I always tell her I'll only need it when I don't have it. I do run with it though early in the morning.

Sorry for getting you involved with EDC Carson.

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