Saturday, February 18, 2012

Young Man: Random Pictures

My wife and I decided that we would invest some of our forthcoming tax money for a nicer camera. The first priority will be for our daughter and other family moments, then for the blog, probably, and then for nice pictures. Until that time, I'm trying to get better at taking pictures with what we have, which is an old Kodak point and shoot. I've been reading a lot of Ken Rockwell, and if there's one thing that he drives home in every single article I've read (seriously, like every one), it's that good photography isn't dependent on the camera, but the composition and vision of the photographer. So I'm going to be practicing with what I've got and trying to get better with that while we're waiting. 

These are pretty boring; I was just walking around the apartment yard this afternoon, but I think some of them turned out OK for a noob like me. Any pro tips would be appreciated.

I'll probably be doing more posts like this, hopefully once a week, of experiments with taking pictures. So get used to it. Sorry if you hate it.

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