Friday, March 23, 2012

Human Equality and Worth

A lot of times, non-Christians say that Christianity is a religion that is discriminatory against certain women or other people groups. Unfortunately, many Christians live in a way that perpetuates this statement.

To counter this charge, I would say that Christianity is a religion that expressly promotes the equality and worth of every human being, no matter what their ethnicity, sex, and even religion. The Bible states that humans were made in God's image. This gives every person an inherent worth and dignity. It is no small thing to be a representation of the image of the Creator of the world.

Unfortunately, as in many things in Christianity, Nikolai Berdyaev's quote rings true here:

"Christianity is the religion of love and of freedom, but it is judged according to the hostility and hate and acts of violence of so many Christians, men who compromise their faith and are a stumbling-block to the weak."

Many people have big problems with the actions of people who claim to be Christian (the Crusades, for instance). And you know what, so do I. There have been some real atrocities by Christians throughout the history of the religion. However, the actions of the adherents do not denigrate the worth of the belief system. Especially in Christianity, where the admission of sin is so prevalent. We have dignity from being made in the image of God, but we have tarnished that dignity (not wiped it out, mind) through sin. And so we as believers, being imperfect, will always cause the truth of Christianity to suffer through our sin. But if we acknowledge that and confess it freely to others and ourselves, the grace of Christ can really shine through.

(this is another post inspired by Francis Schaeffer)

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