Saturday, March 17, 2012

Old Man: Happy St. Pat's

Here's to you Saint Patrick (I always thought it was funny you wore green on St. Patrick's Day when his color is blue).

If you're around the upstate and trying to decide which place to get blackout drunk in, why don't you come over to McGee's in Anderson. I'll be playing with Emerald Road from 5-10. We'll be in a tent outside, so be sure to ask for us.

If you're staying in, but want some good tunes and songs to listen to, why not go buy Emerald Road's new cd, It's About Time? I play flute on a tune on the cd, and the rest are OK too (no they're all great, even better with my absence). Here's the iTunes link:

I play on track 9, the Haste to the Wedding set.

Enjoy it all. Be safe please. Don't go re-enacting the Easter Rising because the bartender is fed up with your shenanigans (or the musicians won't play you Danny Boy - so don't ask).

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