Monday, March 12, 2012

Young Man: My Favorite Socks

I have a lot of argyle socks. I went a little argyle crazy at first. I wore them all the time. I've simplified a lot lately. Many of my argyles came from Target, in those three packs with plain socks in the same colors. I find myself wearing the plain socks more than argyles.

But these are my favorite socks. I bought them at Target, at closeout prices. A pack of three blue, and a pack of three brown. They were like $2 each. I wear them all the time. With boots, tennis shoes (NB's), my LL Bean Sig blucher mocs, penny loafers, and I've probably even worn them with the wholecuts (ill-advisedly, I'm sure).

 A good investment, I'd say.

(sorry about missing Sunday Style again. I had a gig with Emerald Road right after church, then small groups right after the gig. Next Sunday, probably. Maybe.)

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