Friday, March 23, 2012

Young Man: Style Inspirations


I started watching Justified on Netflix a few months ago. Aside from being a good show, two of its characters are quite stylish.

First, the main character, Raylan Givens. A good-old-boy with a badge and a gun.

Usually in a suit and tie (and almost always that hat) when on the clock.

Chambray for more casual.

Ties are usually black (not my cuppa, but they work for him). Some nice plaid shirts at times.

And the main antagonist, Boyd Crowder.

Boyd is just a good old boy who likes making drugs, then blowing up drug making trailers, then stealing lots of money, then preaching the gospel. All sorts of things. A diverse fellow. Chore coats and selvedge denim. And occasionally prison orange.

He also does a stint as a coal miner, in which he wears awesome glasses.

And of course the two are best buds.

It's a great show and I can't wait for season 3 to come out on Netflix. Almost makes me want to wear a hat. Almost.


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