Friday, April 20, 2012

Young Man: Photographs

Ever since I started getting into photography (even earlier, probably), I've wanted to take one specific pictures more than any others: the way that milk looks right when it pours into a cup of dark tea. I always thought it looked like rolling waves or a storm.

Thanks to my friend Carson, who has taken me under his wing, I was able to finally take that picture. He set me up with some of his flash stuff, which helped immensely. 

Here it is.

There was a little mishap. I was doing this by myself, so I had to hold the shutter button with one hand and pour the milk with the other (to make sure the shot stayed in frame and I got enough pictures). I didn't realize until after I had taken all the pictures and the milk had evenly dissolved that I'd spilled milk all over the place. I cropped it out in this shot (the lamely titled "Tempest") but left it in in the equally lamely titled "No Crying."

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for letting me borrow all your stuff Carson.


Post Script: Head over to Great Lakes Prep to see a great review Nick did of Cordies, and read about an opportunity to win a free pair.
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