Thursday, May 31, 2012

Young Man: Sockless

A few weeks ago at church I was talking to my friend Carson. He noticed I wasn't wearing socks with my loafers and asked what the deal was with that.

I kind of fumbled through an explanation - I always have trouble justifying these kinds of things to people who aren't totally in the know (fellow nerds, aka) - but I've been thinking about it. So here's why I don't wear socks.


This is a big one in the spring/summer (and much of fall, too). It just feels better to have a little wind on the ankles (through the no-break pants, of course).


It's so much easier to just slip on some shoes, especially if I'm just running out real quick. I loved my boat shoes for this, but now my Bean blucher mocs are loose enough to slip into and it's just the best.


This one is a little more difficult to explain. I guess that if I'm wearing shorts, I just prefer not to have anything between the shoe and my leg. Even the little mini socks show something. I have to wear them for work and I don't like them. With pants it's even more difficult to explain. I'm fine wearing socks in the winter (aesthetically), but the idea just kind of bugs me in the summer. I guess it's just that I can. If it's really formal I'll wear socks, but I've been known to wear my longwings (and even my wholecuts once or twice) sockless. Which brings me to the last point.

Subversion (?)

I didn't quite know what to name this one. Subversion sounds too much like I belong at the Talk Ivy forums (how terrible!), but I think that's really what's going on here. In the same way that I dress differently from most people my age is a subversion of what's expected of me, I think going sockless is a subversion. Especially with nicer shoes and nicer suits. Again, subversion isn't really a hallmark of internet Trad (more of internet Ivy), but I think that's a big part for me. Maybe as I grow up my dressing like this will turn into acceptance of what I'm supposed to dress like, but then again that will probably have changed by then.

I don't know. That didn't really answer anything. Probably raises more questions than it answered, since there was only one question I was supposed to answer. Maybe I should erase all that gobbledegook and just write "because it looks cool."


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