Monday, May 21, 2012

Young Man: Thrift Store Shopping

I'm taking a page out of my own book, but four years ago.

I've been thinking about stuff for the blog, and realized that I hadn't done a thrift post in forever, and furthermore, that I hadn't been thrifting in forever. So here you go.

I went to my favorite thrift store today. I've found most of my nice thrift stuff here, and they usually have some nice trad coats and shirts. I stopped in and got some nice coats and a nice tie.

Left is a Southwick lighter than navy blazer, 3/2 sack and quarter lined, which is exactly what I have been looking for forever. The length fits better than my Brooks blazer and it will be excellent for almost any weather up here. The middle button is loose but that's easily fixed.

Right is an untagged 3/2 gray tweed, herringbone pattern. Fits like a dream, probably from the same guy as the left.

Middle is a Brooks makers silk tie. Kind of a geometric/paisley hybrid. Each shape in there has a little paisley in it.

There were some other nice things there that didn't fit. If anyone desperately wants these, I'll go back and get them and send them along for a small fee (to make it worth it).

A 3/2 tan poplin suit (very like my Corbin, but made by Haspel). It was a size or two too small for me in the jacket, probably 38 or so. I didn't try the pants on.

A 3/2 madras jacket. Probably the same size as the poplin, but longer (too long for me, as well as too small). It was a lighter, tan dominant madras, and had some light stains on it. I would've bought it if it fit me, so they aren't too bad. Oh also the roll had been pressed out, but that can be fixed.

A 3/2 dark green tweed. Same size (probably) as the other two. Too small and long for me. Very nice material though.

I'm not totally sure about the sizes, but if anyone thinks they'd fit and wants me to check I can.

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