Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Young Man/Old Man: Adoption

Hello everyone. I hope you'll all forgive me for a bit of a personal post.

My wife and I have started the adoption process. We have applied to a Carolina-based adoption service, to adopt from Uganda. The process is pretty intimidating, financially as well as time wise.

No Longer An Orphan

We started a blog a few weeks ago to keep friends and family updated, as well as be a place to raise some funds. You'll notice the ads are enabled there (as well as here), and any revenue gained from that process will be saved for our adoption. We also have a paypal widget up that allows donations to be given, which will all be saved towards the adoption. We would appreciate any support you could give us, especially your prayers. If you like what we're doing, read the blog often and share it with any and all your friends who feel likewise. Any support beyond that will be extremely appreciated!

Thanks everyone. Enjoy your night.

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