Sunday, July 15, 2012

Young Man: Waskerd Rings

Oh man. Gonna get a lot of hate on this one, I'm sure.

(Pre-emptive strike - the only rings I would consider wearing besides my wedding ring would be a class ring and this one)

As most long time readers know, I love Waskerd by Derek Shaw. He sent me a wallet to test for him and it has been my everyday wallet ever since.

I kept seeing some wooden rings, but they were always marked "Coming Soon." What a bummer. Well I checked facebook tonight and saw that he released them (hey I guess Facebook is good for something).

Waskerd Wooden Rings

Image property of Derek Shaw

I love these things. If I was in a different financial situation I would rock the heck out of that maple. The ebony is also crazy nice too.

Derek, if you're ever looking for someone to wear one of these to (probable) death, let me know!

Even if the rings aren't your cuppa, check out his wallets (and the awesome other stuff he's added lately). Some seriously great stuff.

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