Saturday, August 4, 2012

Old Man: The Internet

I have decided that there's only one place I'll look to on the internet for style advice.


Of course, this shouldn't be news to anyone reading this blog. He's a giant around these parts.

ADG doesn't dole out style advice, per say, but he sneaks it into his wonderful stories. It's refreshing to read advice on style in a manner that is neither authoritarian, nor exclusionary. He learned his style at a Trad menswear shop, but graduated to bespoke "fuzziness." He has his own style guidelines, which are not exactly the same as mine, but he still respects trad stuff done well (and helps those who need help getting to that point).

Besides his aesthetic sense, there is a current of quality underlying everything he wears. “The most expensive clothing in your closet is the clothing you never wear." Quite a quote. And based on the amount of stuff I've dropped back off at the thrift store (and the stuff I need to again), it is quite true.

This is a lesson I need to learn. Not that I need to get everything made for me, although I would love that, but just that what I buy has to be something that:

1. I will wear, and

2. Will wear well as long as I wish to wear it.

Thrift store Brooks Brothers fits that bill nicely.

ADG is a great read. I've always loved reading his blog, but recently I read through six or seven pages, and it was the best thing I'd read on the internet in a long time.

The other style resource I've started reading again is Dressing the Man, by Alan Flusser. How does this tie into ADG? Well, he sent me a copy of this great book, signed by the man himself, and addressed to me personally.

I'm going through it again, paying particular attention to the color section. Tell me how I did tomorrow.

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