Sunday, August 5, 2012

Old Man: Sunday Style

Suit edition.

I haven't worn any of my suits besides poplin for a while, so I decided to wear one. Regent Clothiers made this one for MH Frank, for some guy pretty much my size (though I did hem and cuff the pants). Unfortunately, some cleaner pressed the lapel to a true three button (or maybe it was made that way, but I doubt it), but it is a sack cut. The shirt is Brooks (more on this below), the tie was actually made for MH Frank too, but I bought this one from the actual store, unlike the suit, which was thrifted.

AE wholecuts. I hadn't worn these for a while either. Be jealous.

I've determined my complexion what Flusser calls "Light-bright." Fair complexion with blond hair. He advises lots of colors, high contrast, and echoing your brown/amber tones in some piece. I thought this combination worked well. The bright tie and light shirt contrast with the suit, and the red square and tan shoes bring a little color to me I think.

I think that solid blue shirts work best for me, especially with dark blue or gray coats. Which of course, most of my jackets and suits are. Unfortunately I only have two blue oxfords, and only one is a Brooks, which I prefer. So if anyone has any extraneous blue Brooks oxfords (point or button down) in 15.5x33, let me know how I can get them off your hands. And if any thrifters out there come across such a treasure, I'd love to take them.

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