Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Young Man: New Music

Here are two CD's that I've recently purchased, and can't stop listening to.

Derek Webb: Ctrl

A fascinating conceptual album (Pedro the Lion forever invested a love of concept albums in me). Choirs singing over top of a nylon string guitar? I'm there. Also the album starts out with "and" - a personal favorite of mine in writing. Most probably influenced by Heaney's Beowulf "So. The spear Danes in days gone by..."

Andrew Osenga: Leonard, the Lonely Astronaut

This one is another interesting conceptual album, from another former Caedmon's Call member. I remember hearing of them when I was younger, but I cannot tell you a single song they did. Anyways, this one has lots of great lines in it too, and a more upbeat - if slightly less fulfilling - musical backing. But one of my new favorite lines is in "Firstborn Son"

God, help the man who helps himself:
He needs no other Devil.

Check them out.

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