Monday, November 26, 2012

Young Man: Good Stuff for a Good Cause

A couple of weeks ago, on our adoption blog, I wrote about the KIN campaign by the folks at Remnant. They are a couple who live in North Carolina. In addition to making cool bags for the likes of Old Try, they are also going through the adoption process.

Now, my wife and I are adopting through DSS this first time (cheap as free), but we went through the early part of the process for international adoption, and saw all the predicted costs, and let me tell ya, it is expensive. Lots of people try to raise funds by being creative. The folks at Remnant decided to make and sell double wrap leather bracelets, using natural, veg tanned leather, and put the proceeds directly to their adoption.

The coolest part about this campaign? Once their adoption is funded, they are going to continue to sell these bracelets, and donate the proceeds to Bethany Christian Services, a Christian adoption agency.

It goes without saying (if you've been reading the other blog) that this kind of thing really gets me and my wife excited. So we decided to buy one for each other for our Christmas presents. They are awesome.

I've wanted one of these kinds of bracelets for a while, and this was the perfect opportunity.

My only complaint is that it only comes in one size. Initially my bracelet was a little tight on my wrist, but with a little stretching, and a little oiling, it is now the perfect size. Other than that, the bracelet is awesome.

If you're looking for a gift for someone who is into leather bracelets, particularly natural leather, consider picking one of these up.

Good stuff is good.

Good stuff for a good cause is great.

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