Thursday, May 31, 2012

Young Man: Sockless

A few weeks ago at church I was talking to my friend Carson. He noticed I wasn't wearing socks with my loafers and asked what the deal was with that.

I kind of fumbled through an explanation - I always have trouble justifying these kinds of things to people who aren't totally in the know (fellow nerds, aka) - but I've been thinking about it. So here's why I don't wear socks.


This is a big one in the spring/summer (and much of fall, too). It just feels better to have a little wind on the ankles (through the no-break pants, of course).


It's so much easier to just slip on some shoes, especially if I'm just running out real quick. I loved my boat shoes for this, but now my Bean blucher mocs are loose enough to slip into and it's just the best.


This one is a little more difficult to explain. I guess that if I'm wearing shorts, I just prefer not to have anything between the shoe and my leg. Even the little mini socks show something. I have to wear them for work and I don't like them. With pants it's even more difficult to explain. I'm fine wearing socks in the winter (aesthetically), but the idea just kind of bugs me in the summer. I guess it's just that I can. If it's really formal I'll wear socks, but I've been known to wear my longwings (and even my wholecuts once or twice) sockless. Which brings me to the last point.

Subversion (?)

I didn't quite know what to name this one. Subversion sounds too much like I belong at the Talk Ivy forums (how terrible!), but I think that's really what's going on here. In the same way that I dress differently from most people my age is a subversion of what's expected of me, I think going sockless is a subversion. Especially with nicer shoes and nicer suits. Again, subversion isn't really a hallmark of internet Trad (more of internet Ivy), but I think that's a big part for me. Maybe as I grow up my dressing like this will turn into acceptance of what I'm supposed to dress like, but then again that will probably have changed by then.

I don't know. That didn't really answer anything. Probably raises more questions than it answered, since there was only one question I was supposed to answer. Maybe I should erase all that gobbledegook and just write "because it looks cool."



Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Young Man: Summer Wishlist

If I had money to burn on clothes this summer, here's what I would buy.

Hey, a guy can dream, right?

Brooks Oxford - Because you can never have too many oxfords. Plus my one white oxford (actually a Brooks I thrifted a long time ago) is a half size too small in the neck, and thus a no-go for ties.

Epaulet Oxford Cloth Rivet Chinos - I love Epaulet and their Rivet Chinos. If I had the money, they would be the only pants I would wear. They are too slim for most people here I'm sure, but they rock. These are especially cool. Oxford on oxford? I dig.

Mountain Khakis Teton Twill shorts - I have these in retro khakis and they are awesome shorts. I don't go for the whole 5" inseam thing. Irish skin and all that. These are a good length for me. They are solid, too. I've taken some spills on the longboard on them and they show no sign of them. This time, in olive.

Cordial Churchman Neal bow - More oxford cloth? Crazy! Love the colors, plus it hearkens to my mother's side of the family. Irish again. Straight batwing, no doubt.

Cordial Churchman chambray square end tie - This is a really cool looking tie. I've seen it in person. Very versatile, too.

Tom's Canvas Cordones - Canvas sneaks are obvious. These are pretty cool. Not quite 75 bucks cool, but I'm not buying any of this stuff, so they're super affordable in that sense.

Anyways, that's just what I've been thinking about lately. The shorts would be great. My MK's are the only nice shorts I have now. And the Cordial Churchman stuff. They just rock.

What are you getting for the season? Let me live vicariously through you.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Young Man/Old Man: Adoption

Hello everyone. I hope you'll all forgive me for a bit of a personal post.

My wife and I have started the adoption process. We have applied to a Carolina-based adoption service, to adopt from Uganda. The process is pretty intimidating, financially as well as time wise.

No Longer An Orphan

We started a blog a few weeks ago to keep friends and family updated, as well as be a place to raise some funds. You'll notice the ads are enabled there (as well as here), and any revenue gained from that process will be saved for our adoption. We also have a paypal widget up that allows donations to be given, which will all be saved towards the adoption. We would appreciate any support you could give us, especially your prayers. If you like what we're doing, read the blog often and share it with any and all your friends who feel likewise. Any support beyond that will be extremely appreciated!

Thanks everyone. Enjoy your night.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Old Man: Sunday Style

Sorry it's late. My parents were up for the weekend.

My dad was the guest photographer for this session. I'm excited to start using his Pentax K1000. I'm looking into home developing methods on the cheap. If anyone has any suggestions (already looking into caffenol) let me know.

This is the Southwick blazer. I kept it unbuttoned after this. It's hanging on by a few threads. But it does look good. J Crew pink Uni stripe, Hanauer four sided bow.

Stolen Corbin poplin pants (from the suit). AE loafers.

Enjoy the extra weekend day guys. We're cooking out this afternoon and then I have to go into work tonight. But it will be fun.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Young Man: (Old) New Bag

J at Red Clay Soul did a post a while back about transforming a Filson bag into a camera bag. I liked that idea quite a bit, especially since I've already outgrown the bag my camera came in.

This is the one I got.

I put it in my Filson Passage laptop briefcase.

Pretty awesome. I've got extra room for other lenses (and even the Pentax film camera my dad gave me today).

Thanks for the tip J.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Young Man: New Music

Hey guys. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Nathan Reich. Very low key folksy stuff. If you like Iron and Wine (older stuff)/Gregory Alan Isakov and that sort of thing you'll like him. Very nice guitar playing and wonderful lyrics.

Well, he started a Kickstarter project to try and raise money to make a second CD. He has seven days left to get the funding.

If you like his style (there's a video on the KS page, and I linked to a bunch of videos from Youtube on Strayaway), consider backing him. I'm really excited to get the CD, so please help him reach his goal!


Young Man: Hat Giveaway at RCS

J over at RCS is giving away an awesome Smathers and Branson needlepoint hat.

I'm a big fan of these hats, since I got one from MH Frank. I entered the contest anyways. I've got my eye on the shamrock hat.

Good luck.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Young Man: Thrift Store Shopping

I'm taking a page out of my own book, but four years ago.

I've been thinking about stuff for the blog, and realized that I hadn't done a thrift post in forever, and furthermore, that I hadn't been thrifting in forever. So here you go.

I went to my favorite thrift store today. I've found most of my nice thrift stuff here, and they usually have some nice trad coats and shirts. I stopped in and got some nice coats and a nice tie.

Left is a Southwick lighter than navy blazer, 3/2 sack and quarter lined, which is exactly what I have been looking for forever. The length fits better than my Brooks blazer and it will be excellent for almost any weather up here. The middle button is loose but that's easily fixed.

Right is an untagged 3/2 gray tweed, herringbone pattern. Fits like a dream, probably from the same guy as the left.

Middle is a Brooks makers silk tie. Kind of a geometric/paisley hybrid. Each shape in there has a little paisley in it.

There were some other nice things there that didn't fit. If anyone desperately wants these, I'll go back and get them and send them along for a small fee (to make it worth it).

A 3/2 tan poplin suit (very like my Corbin, but made by Haspel). It was a size or two too small for me in the jacket, probably 38 or so. I didn't try the pants on.

A 3/2 madras jacket. Probably the same size as the poplin, but longer (too long for me, as well as too small). It was a lighter, tan dominant madras, and had some light stains on it. I would've bought it if it fit me, so they aren't too bad. Oh also the roll had been pressed out, but that can be fixed.

A 3/2 dark green tweed. Same size (probably) as the other two. Too small and long for me. Very nice material though.

I'm not totally sure about the sizes, but if anyone thinks they'd fit and wants me to check I can.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Old Man: Sunday Style

I wore a Brooks linen/silk/wool blend jacket today. It's 2 button, darted, and a little bit long in the sleeves (I'm too lazy/poor/whatever to take it to the tailor), so I don't wear it too much. I love it and the fabric is beautiful, but every time I wear it I remember why I love the American sack style. The 2 button with padded shoulders looks very nice, and maybe almost too nice. I find it hard to be comfortable in a jacket like that. I left it unbuttoned to try and casual it up a little, but it still felt too polished for me. I could walk around in a sack tweed buttoned all day and not feel like it was too fussy. Comfortable.

Anyways, maybe I'll do a post about that sometime. For now, on to some pictures.

I tied a four in hand plus one today, just because. I like it, but the tie was shorter than I thought.

The usual stuff. 

Nordstrom shirt, Hathaway tie, Hanauer square.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Young Man: Shoes

This weekend I put my Allen Edmonds loafers to the test. On Saturday, I helped my friend and photographic mentor Carson shoot a wedding. I wore the shoes from 2 pm to 11 pm. And most of the time was spent on wet surfaces. And I even ran a hundred yards or so once.

Then I wore them again on Sunday, and it rained all day. Probably a bad idea due to all the wear they got Saturday, but I felt like it.

They held up like champs. Great shoes. I'll wear them till I have to replace the soles and then wear them some more. Very comfy. Even to run in.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Young Man: Essay on Respect

This post stems from the earlier post on arrogance that got lots of attention and lots of discussion. Very interesting. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the issues.

One thing lots of you commented on is the way dressing well conveys respect: whether it be for employees/employers, for clients, or for guests of honor (I'll include funerals here somewhat morbidly). I certainly agree with this. However, when I think about the future (and what I think is the somewhat near future), I see the perception of respect, as well as what type of clothing garners that respect changing. Again, I don't necessarily think this is a good or a bad thing, I just think it will happen, based on what I've seen in University.

So let's take this example: a businessman has a meeting with a client. In this time period, and for the last say 60 years, a suit or at least a coat and tie would be considered appropriate for both parties to wear, as a sign of respect to the other person. In essence, saying "I respect you, your business, and what you can do for/with me."

The same goes with similar circumstances: if the Life Archive is to be believed, college students (at least Ivy League) wore coat and tie to lectures, and professors wore the same, or even academic robes. It was a sign of respect to the professor, to the institution, to the subject being taught, and to the exorbitant sums paid for tuition.

Now, I'm no businessman, and I have no experience meeting with clients, but I have recently escaped from higher education. And I have to say, no one wears coats and ties to classes anymore. I wore coats (occasionally), and I was the only one to do that in almost every class. Usually the professors didn't even wear coats. And this brings me to my point:

If the professor (or the head/leader/person I'm supposed to show respect to) isn't wearing a coat, but jeans and (maybe) a collared shirt, is it really showing him respect if someone shows up to class in a suit? Or even a coat? I think that it actually is disrespectful, and, in a class full of people in their pajamas, takes attention away from the professor and the lecture (or discussion).

Again, I'm not skilled in the ways of business, or the client meeting, but it seems to me that if one party doesn't dress in a coat and tie, but slacks or khakis and a button down shirt, and the other party dresses up in full suit, one party is being disrespected. And it might not be which party you think. If the client does business in business casual, and the other comes in a suit, the client might feel slighted, like the business man thinks he is better (see last post). Again, I'm not personally accusing anyone of this.

So if the respect continuum shifts to where suits actually disrespect and business casual conveys respect, what happens? Will you all still wear your suits and your ties? I probably will (in the rare times I still do). But if respect is your reason for dressing this way, and the respect changes, will you change with it?

An interesting question to think about.

Let me know what you think.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Old Man: Sunday Style

I hate allergies. That's the only good thing about Florida. They never bothered me because it was always hot.

Anyways, here's my feel like crap look.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Young Man: New Music

It's been a while since I did one of these, so here are two things I've been listening to lately. Very different.

First, Chris Thile and Michael Daves. Super bluegrass power.

Michael Daves and Aoife O'Donovan (of Crooked Still)

In the completely different section, the new mewithoutYou album is out on Spotify now. It rocks, naturally.

MeWithoutYou – Ten Stories

Check it out.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Young Man: Birthdays and Bowties

Help Ellie LaVeer Stager of The Cordial Churchman celebrate her birthday by taking advantage of this one day special: a red gingham bowtie and a blue chambray pocket square, all for $30.

Happy Birthday Ellie Bow Tie And Pocket Square Special!






Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Young Man/Old Man: Facebook and Logo

Young Man/Old Man has a Facebook page now. Check it out here and like it! Keep up on all the latest posts.

Also, be sure to check out the new YM/OM logo. I'm trying to fit it in on the blog somewhere, but I might have to change the template. Beware.

Done by my very talented sister, Molly Aubry. If you ever have a need for any graphic design, check her out. She's awesome.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Old Man: John Le Carre

I just finished Smiley's People, the third in the Karla trilogy by John Le Carre (or David Cornwell). It is an amazing series of books. I tried thinking of which book is my favorite.

Tinker Tailor is a great story, and appealed to my desire for suspense in a spy novel, but also showed the extreme psychological side of that sort of thing.

The Honorable Schoolboy was a great story. It took my a while to get into it, but once I knew the plot it fully engrossed me. There was quite a bit more action in that one, with most of the emphasis being on the field man Westerby and not the case man Smiley. Still more emphasis on the moral ambiguity of the situation instead of blind adherence.

Smiley's People returns to George and his ways of thinking. I also enjoyed how most of the characters in the past two came back for at least an appearance. The end is also brilliant. I probably went through this one the fastest of all three.

The Spy Who Came In From the Cold is up next. Then I might go back and read the early Smiley novels. I highly recommend Le Carre's novels to anyone who enjoys that sort of thing. Finally a spy novelist who is a good writer and not just a good storyteller.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Young Man: Night Pictures

Finally got the camera on my borrowed tripod and took some long exposures. Some turned out pretty well. I really enjoyed it.

I did feel a little awkward pointing the camera at this guy as he drove by.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Young Man: Hike to the Lake

Some pictures from this Sunday.

It was lots of fun. God's a Clemson fan, as they say. Orange clay and purple skies.


Young Man: Cordies News

Head to the Cordies store to see a new product picture taken by my good friend Carson (of Carson Snipes Photography). I think it turned out quite well.

Stay tuned in the next week for the announcement of the Cordies DSLR strap.