Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Nice Pair

This is a great matching pair. My wife bought the journal for me as a graduation present (along with some really nice books - a combined Homer volume and the complete Chronicles of Narnia, in cool blue hardbacks), and it hasn't gotten the love and use it needs. I'm almost done with my current medium sized Moleskine (which I use for taking notes in church and writing down little fragments of poetry), and I think I'll use this instead. It's just a hair taller and skinnier than the Bible (the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, which is excellent), and they fit together well.

I've linked to both on Amazon below, but the notebook is much much cheaper at Barnes and Nobel. Good leather (at least to my unschooled eyes and hands), and a smyth sewn, refillable journal insert. I haven't used it enough to get it to lay open of itself, but I think with some time, abuse, and a little oiling, I think it'll do the trick nicely. I also need to put a ribbon in there, as well as add a third ribbon to my Bible.

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