Monday, March 25, 2013

Young Man: Cognitive Dissonance

The weather in the Upstate right now is really having a tough time making up its mind.

Last week we saw the upper temps hit the 80's, and we threw the windows open and turned the fans on high.

Now it's back to the heat and keeping my jackets on even inside the house.

Before we had our daughter, my wife and I had a "no-heat" policy, where we never touched the thermostat in winter. We would do AC in the summer, but decided to tough it out in winter. It was awesome. Nothing beats thirty and forty dollar power bills. The little one needs to be warmer, though, so the heat bill has become a necessary and unwelcome part of winter.

So to spite this see-saw weather, and to spite the seasonal rules of style, I present a rig rife with as much disagreement as this week has from last.

Tweed and madras.

Stay warm this spring.

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