Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Young Man: Lakes and Letterpresses

My friend Nick over at Great Lakes Prep sent me an email this afternoon announcing that he is opening up a letterpress company, called Flyover Press. The stuff looks great. Since discovering the Old Try, I've had quite a thing for letterpress prints, and these are pretty cool.

To kick off his company, he's doing an Indiegogo campaign, which, if I understand correctly, is like Kickstarter, but with the option of cashing in what you get, even if you don't reach your goal. Only thing is, my man Nick is so confident in raising the cash he needs ($2,000), he chose the fixed funding option.

If you're from the midwest, and want a brand that not only makes cool stuff, but also understands where you're from, and what you're about, check out Flyover Press.

Heck, even though I don't live in the Midwest, and have only been in that neck of the woods a few times, I'm going to make a pledge, because my mom's family is from Illinois.

But the main reason I'm going to pledge is because Nick is a great guy, starting out on his own thing, which takes a lot of guts. So check out his website and his campaign, and give him some of your hard earned money, so he can earn it in turn.

And $30 is a heckuva price for a letterpress print.

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