Friday, March 22, 2013

Young Man: The Thaw

While I surely do enjoy winter and cold weather (especially when it is snowy and cold), 70 and sunny in the afternoon is pretty awesome.

And while I do enjoy wearing tweed jackets every day, I also love my poplin suits and madras ties.

I was looking through some old posts today, trying to find some inspiration for a post. I generally don't like to look at my old posts. It reminds me of looking through notebooks from high-school, which do nothing but remind me of how dumb I was.

Anyways, this post reminded me of the great madras find of '09! It also reminded me that I need to go to the thrift stores more often.

I can't seem to post the picture here, but head to the link above to see. I'm certain that these ties will find their way onto my neck often in the coming months.

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